We offer two primary services:

Inheritance Consultation for PHILIPPINE Assets

For those seeking help with inheritance of Philippine assets, you will need to answer a questionnaire and provide copies of certain documents prior to your meeting with our licensed attorneys. The questions and your answers in this questionnaire are designed to allow our licensed attorneys to evaluate your situation and review your documents, which will enable them to provide you the legal framework and clear next steps required in order for you to claim/acquire your Philippine inheritance.

For more information regarding how to get help with your inheritance located in the Philippines, click: HERE

Estate Planning Consultation for PHILIPPINE Assets

For those seeking help with estate planning for their Philippine based assets, the questions you answer in the questionnaire you will receive are designed to allow our licensed Philippine attorneys to understand the type (and value) of assets you own in the Philippines. They can then guide and help you design that perfect estate plan; one that will not only accomplish your goals and wishes, but one that will transfer your assets to your loved without court interference and with the least amount of costs.

For more information regarding how to get help creating your Estate Plan for Philippine assets, click: HERE

Initial Consultations

Once you have decided you would like to avail yourself of our legal services, simply follow the instructions on the bottom of this page to schedule payment for the initial consultation. Upon your payment of the initial consultation fee, you will receive an email from our office with directions for you to fill out an on-line questionnaire. An initial consultation fee is charged for either an Inheritance Consultation or an Estate Plan Consultation. If you would like to do both, you will need to pay the $398 initial consultation fee for each .

What To Expect

An initial consultation will entitle you to a one-hour “Phone, Zoom, or Messenger” session where our licensed attorneys will answer all your questions regarding your case/planning session and provide guidance on the clear next steps necessary to accomplish your desired results.

Shortly after the initial consultation, we will provide for you a breakdown of our findings and recommendations. If you would like us to help you implement the administration and/or design of your estate plan based on those recommendations, you will need to enter into a separate engagement agreement for those services with Fil Am Lawyers.”